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Start Up Finance


Mortar Finance takes a partnership approach to your business, providing the support, insights and dedication you deserve. By having access to 100+ lenders we get to combine this model with access to market and industry leading lending solutions for start ups.

  1. Preparing for the future allows us to understand your financing requirements before you need them;
    decreasing time, increasing options and providing you the relationship you deserve.
  2. We enable you to spend more time on your business, goals and work life balance through resources, solutions and insights.
  3. We stay on your journey to execute current and future requirements.

Here's Where We Can Help

  • Invoice Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • R & D Finance
  • Grant Support
  • Trade Finance

Find The Balance

Let us help you strike the right balance in your start up
  • Access to 100+ lenders
  • Retain your equity
  • Grows as your business does
  • Cheaper than equity
  • Retain control
  • Increase your business value
  • Access government grants
  • Advice, support and expertise
  • R & D claims
  • Support in lodgement and compliance
  • Committed finance interest
  • Access to networks and introductions
  • Direction and accountability
  • Auto Maintenance & Repair


Download our guide to start up finance to find out exactly what you need to know.

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